Newquist has given speeches in North America, Asia, and Europe on a vast array of topics.

"I've been lucky enough to give speeches all over the world. Primarily on writing, occasionally on technology, and once in a while on the subject of music. It's always been interesting, and at times it's been a study in contrasts. At one end of the spectrum, I spoke to a group of businessmen in Kuala Lumpur on bank technology. On the distant other end, I spent an afternoon giving a lecture to West Virginia college kids on thinking machines.

"I've given briefings to executives at IBM, and I've told stories to first graders. I once told a roomful of European business executives in Frankfurt that they were behind the times in technology, and then told a group of librarians in Arizona to expect that technology would change everything they ever knew.

"I still do it on occasion, if the subject matter is right."