Newquist was the Editor-In-Chief of GUITAR Magazine for several years. During that time, he wrote a great deal about guitarists and guitar playing.

Other music magazines have featured Newquist's writing, including
Guitar Player, Guitar Shop, Billboard, Musician's Planet, Music Technology, and a few others. Many of these GUITAR interviews and articles are on this website. Click on the artist below to see or download the articles as they appeared in the mags.

Being a writer who also plays guitar has allowed Newquist to indulge both pursuits by writing books about the guitar. He wrote the definitive history of rock guitarists
Legends Of Rock Guitar with Pete Prown. Prown is one of America's premier guitar experts and the guitarist behind the popular Guitar Garden CDs.

Newquist also developed
The Way They Play series, which teaches guitarists how to play and sound like their favorite artists. His co-writer on TWTP is Rich Maloof, a stellar guitarist and acclaimed writer/editor. To date, Newquist and Maloof have completed four books in the series. All Newquist's guitar books are linked below.

The following is a list of all the articles posted on this site. There are more to come. Feel free to download them and do with them as you wish. Enjoy.


Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page - Guitars & Amps
Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen - On Set

Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi
David Bowie
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Deep Purple - Ritchie Blackmore
Jethro Tull - Ian Anderson & Martin Barre
King Crimson - Robert Fripp
George Lynch
Bert Jansch
Steve Morse
Pink Floyd - David Gilmour
Megadeth - Dave Mustaine
Pantera - Dimebag Darrell
Alice In Chains - Jerry Cantrell
Catherine Wheel - Rob Dickinson & Bruce Futter
The Mission UK
Queensryche - Chris DeGarmo & Michael Wilton
Sonic Youth
The Church - Steve Kilbey & Marty Willson-Piper
Vic Flick - James Bond Guitarist
Yes - Steve Howe & Chris Squire
Steve Howe & Martin Taylor
Zakk Wylde
The Cult - Billy Duffy
Godflesh - Justin Broadrick
Glenn Branca
The Scorpions
KISS - Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley
Curve - Dean Garcia
Frank Zappa's Guitarists - Adrian Belew, Warren Cuccurullo, Dweezil Zappa, Mike Keneally, Steve Vai

The Guitarist's Hands


Legends Of Rock Guitar
The Way They Play - Blues Rock Masters
The Way They Play - Acoustic Rock Masters
The Way They Play - Hard Rock Masters
The Way They Play - New Metal Masters