Lots of articles in lots of magazines. And lots of books.

HP Newquist's writing spans a vast array of interests and industries. In the late 1980s and 1990s he wrote extensively about artificial intelligence (AI), compiling a body of work that is arguably the most extensive coverage of the AI business created to date.

Newquist became an editorial columnist for Computerworld, and a contributor to Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, the Financial Technology Report, and Music Technology magazine. These led, perhaps not so naturally, to a series of books on international finance for Lafferty UK, and the Editor-In-Chief position at GUITAR magazine. He contributed to a host of other music magazines, including Billboard, Guitar Player, Guitar Shop, InTune, and Musician's Planet.

Along the way, he wrote two documentary films--one of which was nominated for an Emmy Award--and created technology entries for Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia, while writing architecture and travel pieces for The New York Press. He wrote more books, and oversaw development of numerous publications including Teradata, Critical Technology Trends, and the Lou Dobbs Moneyletter, which was cited as one of the most successful portfolio publications during its run. His articles on travel and finance continued to appear in inflight and technology magazines, including Computer Technology Review, Database, and Gulf Air.

Meanwhile, his work was cited and reviewed in The New York Times, The Economist, Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other publications around the world. He won some awards in the process.

Newquist's books cover the same array of topics as his magazine articles, from brain science and space exploration to legendary guitarists and the strangeness of the Internet. To date, he has written over two dozen books. And he's already committed to writing many more.

The pages on this website contain a great deal of Newquist's writing, in either PDF form or links. Click and enjoy.