HP Newquist has written extensively on topics ranging from medicine to music. Most of these articles, now numbering in the hundreds, appeared in national or international magazines.

The articles on this site are compiled from his popular columns in
Computerworld, AIExpert, GUITAR Magazine, and his featured articles in Newsweek, The New York Press, Popular Mechanics, and others.

Each of the pages on this website contain PDFs of the articles Newquist has written in that particular area. We're updating them as fast as we can.

Artificial Intelligence.

Everything from AIExpert, some from Computerworld, others from international magazines. Click here.


All things guitar-related, from the pages of GUITAR, Guitar Shop, and Guitar Player Magazines. Along with a few online extras. Click here.


Everything not guitar. Keyboards, MIDI, gear, and a trip through Steinway.


Observations from a road around the world.

Virtual Reality and Advanced Technology.

Regular column from the VR Special Report as well as nanotechnology, cellular automata, and almost everything else you can think of.